Zut alors.

I’m getting emotional about this horror in France. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to see Paris. It just sounds like such an idyllic city of grace and grandeur, a timeless monument to beauty and the best of civilization. This city has not seen this kind of carnage since World War II. Then you clearly knew who was the enemy and where they were from. So, what do we do? Keith & I put a down payment on a river cruise through the Bordeaux region of France, with a tour of Paris. Do we go forth with our plans to show these barbarians that they have no hold on the great spirit of humanity, or do we cancel and look for somewhere else to travel next year? Many of these victims of this senseless tragedy were just Parisians or tourists taking advantage of a warm fall night to enjoy themselves. That could have been us, finishing up a pleasant dinner, lingering over a glass of wine, preparing to head back to our hotel. And then, death and destruction. What kind of a person could do that? Someone so disenfranchised from the human race that they have no mother, father, sister, brother, lover, or child in their lives to love or be loved in return? Once, Keith read the Koran, because he wanted to see for himself where it says it’s OK to strap explosives to one’s body or take an assault rifle and plow into a crowd of innocent people and wreak destruction. And of course, it doesn’t say anything in the Koran about that. It speaks of peace and love and respecting your fellow human beings, just as all the great world religions and cultures aspire to. So – where have we as a species gone so violently off track? And more importantly, how do we get back to civility and kindness? It has to start with each of us. We each need to check our rage, make an effort to reach out and help others, and within our own small sphere of influence, we each need to aspire to the highest good for all.

In solidarity with the people of Paris and the world. Peace, please.

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