Winter Solstice


by Nancy Rivest Green


Winter. For many it’s time for snowplay – watching the kids have a fabulous time frolicking, making snowpeople and sledding, or hitting the slopes and getting out the snowshoes. For others, it’s a time to sigh and reach for the snow shovel. Whatever your take on this season, it’s dark. It’s hard that our sun time is so short, even here in the great Southwest. But imagine what it was like for our ancestors, hunkered in the back of the cave, hoping the food and wood lasted. No wonder they were so cognizant of the turning of the seasons and the sweeping astronomical benchmarks. Christianity deemed that Jesus was a Capricorn, tying his birth closely to the ancient celebration of the Winter Solstice. And how lovely it is to have these holiday festivities to cheer us during this cold, dark part of the year. It is obvious how the celebration of the Yule log came to be – the ancients needed to stay up all through that longest, darkest night to be sure the sun would rise the next morning. We are so fortunate with our cozy homes and warm clothes. But some things have not changed. As the sun experiences its rebirth and begins its slow crawl to the north, so can we also prepare for our own rebirth. It’s no coincidence that New Year’s Resolutions occur now. The power of rebirth strengthens our resolve to examine what is in the darkness, and move toward the light with only the highest and the best. During Samhain we shed those things not worthy to bring into this darkest time of the year. Now is the time for your intuitive, creative side to state clearly your intentions. Don’t be vague – you might get the vagueness you ask for! Be clear and firm in your af-“firm”- ations. This is the time of year to be filled with hope, love, appreciation for the beauty of the season, and positive thoughts for our future.

Part of the disadvantage of being masters of our own heat and light in houses and cars is our separation from Mother Earth. The ancients didn’t need to be reminded that they were One with the Earth – they lived it on a daily basis. That’s why we are so lucky to live in this place with a dramatic, beautiful landscape – canyons, rivers, mountains, forests and that great Arizona blue sky. Perhaps that’s why so many of us were drawn here for our spiritual growth, because we can feel that connection so strongly. So, spend time outside, even now, when it takes 25 minutes just to suit up to go get the mail. It’s important to feel all parts of nature, even the cold, dark parts, just as it’s important to closely examine all parts of ourselves.  As John Muir said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” We all are truly One.

Blessed Be, and onwards to a successful 2015.

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