Vernal Equinox


You can feel the tug with the volatility of the weather – those winds return, the daily highs can fluctuate as much as 25 degrees from day to day, the snow is soft and mushy during the day and frozen back to ice each night. The search for balance is not an easy one. As we approach this time of year when the sun is straight east in the morning and straight west in the evening, we too feel that tug and an attempt at balance.   How do we pack it all into a day – the variety of necessary daily tasks just to get along in this world – taxes, grocery shopping, stopping to pick up items we’ve run out of, checking email, checking phone messages, paying bills – are you getting exhausted just reading this list?? Balance – between how much we eat and how much we exercise, between doing the “have to” and the “want to”, and juggling the many relationships in our lives. Look toward nature for guidance – spring is a slow time of the year. The snow gradually goes away, the sun gradually shifts north, the days gradually get longer and the spring growth gradually appears. We have so much artificial hurry in our outer lives – it’s up to us for our sanity’s sake to carve out some time to balance our inner life. Breathe. Breathe deeply. Breathe in and out. Repeat. Close your eyes. Feel that connection to the Goddess Spirit, feel it fill you and shift that balance to one of calm steadiness. Now, feel the sun cross the Earth’s equator. That moment is a temporary one, as will be the balance you feel within. But – unlike the sun, we can return to that place of inner stillness anytime we allow ourselves the time to do so. Breathe.

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