Summer Solstice



Right out my back door, I watched a coyote run, pounce, and devour a hapless rodent. The coyote tossed the last morsel up into the air, caught it, grinned, and ran up the hill. A hawk circled overhead, hoping for leftovers. Two inquisitive deer watched my dog and I take an early morning stroll, their ears swiveling like radar dishes, shocked that my dog allowed that human to be so close and ruffle her fur. A summer tanager hid in the damp shade of our forsythia bush, delighting in the earth still moist from my recent watering. Almost under my feet, two sparrows flitted, fought and flew away. Plants long forgotten reemerge, bushy and green. People futz around in their yards, waving, happy to lean on that hoe in the shade for a while and chat. The long days invite people out to their decks for dinner, remaining until after the sun sets and the evening chill scoots everyone back inside. It’s easier to get up early with all that morning light. Gatherings abound, everyone excited to share their yard with friends. People burst outside to ride bikes, hike, kayak or gently swing in a hammock with a good book. This is the time to celebrate the fullness of all life has to offer. We are so blessed. Summer is the outward physical manifestation of this joy. Fully feel gratitude for all life gives us. It is easy during this time to truly feel that we are One – One with the Earth and all of the active creatures and plant beings around us expressing their own personal exuberance of life.

Blessed Be. Happy Solstice.


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