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The Arizona Daily Sun recently published this article titled, “New books by area authors or with area topics make great gift ideas”.

“With Christmas two weeks away, we wanted to review our incoming titles of books from local authors with strong gift potential. From children’s books to art books to books for reading away the long winter nights, we have a spectrum of possibilities.”

new_books_by_area_authors_or_with_area_topics_make_great_gift_ideas___books_and_literature___azdailysun_comStalking the Wild Dragonfly got a very nice mention!

“Stalking the Wild Dragonfly” by Nancy Rivest Green. Local publishers Vishnu Temple Press released this month Nancy Rivest Green’s “Stalking the Wild Dragonfly,” a collective of Green’s encounters with various animals and creatures. The book is a nice companion for the local naturalist who revels in encounters with wildlife.

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