Nancy Rivest Green was a reader at age three, and a writer by age nine.  Those two activities have been entwined in her being for as long as she can remember.  Add in her enchantment with nature, beginning from her earliest memories, and she hasn’t really changed much through these many years.

She hopes to delight readers with her writing, taking them into natural places filled with beauty to escape whatever trials are plaguing them right now.  Come along, if you’d like.


Reviews for “On The Brink of Shards”

ON THE BRINK OF SHARDS by NANCY RIVEST GREEN A REVIEW by MARTHA SHIDELER But know now and for always, that the Beloved Spirit has a life planned for each and every one of us.  Nothing is by chance.  We who live in this one small place on our Bountiful Mother may not be able […]

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Zut alors.

I’m getting emotional about this horror in France. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to see Paris. It just sounds like such an idyllic city of grace and grandeur, a timeless monument to beauty and the best of civilization. This city has not seen this kind of carnage since World War II. Then […]

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Autumnal Equinox

BEAUTY IS REVEALED IN CHANGE   It is astonishing how quickly it changes – from plenty of light around 5 AM, to the beginnings of light only showing through around 6:00. How can that be? How can summer, so sweet and lush, be so fleeting? Summer is such a physical season – all about the […]

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LAMMAS ON AUGUST 1ST   BY NANCY R. GREEN   By this point in our summer, we have been glorying in the warm temperatures, the luxury of open doors and windows throughout the night, and some monsoon moisture for our parched land and skin. We remember why we choose to live in this place of […]

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Summer Solstice

SUMMER SOLSTICE, THE EPITOME OF EXUBERANCE   Right out my back door, I watched a coyote run, pounce, and devour a hapless rodent. The coyote tossed the last morsel up into the air, caught it, grinned, and ran up the hill. A hawk circled overhead, hoping for leftovers. Two inquisitive deer watched my dog and […]

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