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For those who simply can’t get enough archaeology information, check out the website for Archaeology Southwest at

They have a presentation series every year from September to May with Phoenix and Tucson venues.  In Tucson they meet at Casa Vicente, an excellent Spanish restaurant downtown with superb sangria.  What’s not to like?

Gary McCarthy has a writing career which spans over 30 years.  He started writing Westerns, and eventually gravitated towards historical novels.  He wrote a special series of historical novels about national parks, which is how I first discovered him.  He wrote a wonderful story about Grand Canyon, the what-if? part of the Powell expedition.

Imagine my surprise to find that Gary is a founding member of the Northern Arizona Authors Association.  Having a writer of his caliber is a unbelievable treasure for our group.   He has been a huge motivator and mentor for me, and I am extremely grateful for all the times he’s answered my persistent questions.  Besides, Gary is just a heck of a nice guy and fun to be around.  Check out his website at

The invitation-only Flagstaff Writers Group was founded eons ago by Margaret Erhart. She is a published author with an impressive body of work. One feels fortunate to sit week after week in the circle with Margie, listening intently to her lyrical literary prose, sparse and eloquent. It’s a source of inspiration for continued good writing.

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