By this point in our summer, we have been glorying in the warm temperatures, the luxury of open doors and windows throughout the night, and some monsoon moisture for our parched land and skin. We remember why we choose to live in this place of long winters – for these spectacular summer days. But, there’s also a discernment of the slow slipping of the seasonal wheel – sunrises are noticeably later, and the splendid sunsets with swaths of pink and orange streaks are decidedly earlier. Nature seems to be in a hurry – crops burgeoning, flowers brightly bursting forth after rainstorms, rabbitbrush golden yellow, and the bustle of students and teachers readying to resume classes. Autumnal Equinox isn’t until September, but the feel is pushing us in that direction. It’s time to be grateful for the abundance in our lives, whether or not we may feel it at this moment. Just like the harvest, some things in our lives may not be completely manifested yet. But it doesn’t take much to look around and realize that if we put our problems in a pile with everyone else’s, we’d take a look at the other burdens people carry through this life and snatch ours back. Sometimes harmony feels elusive, yet nature stays in a harmonic balance. At times death and despair may creep into our lives. Sorrow can stalk us. Yet it is our sacred task to bring harmony into our lives and help balance the planet. This world does not need any more negativity than already exists. Be the positive influence in any situation. Include this in your daily to-do list – Be a bearer of BALANCE. Breathe. Feel the love that surrounds you from your friends and family, your pets, and the overriding love from the Creator. You can’t love others until you first learn to honor and love within. Our Mother Goddess has been busy all summer showing us her bounty. Now, she too slowly turns toward the Earth that is her body, starting the process of returning to ready for the winter sleep. Take what gifts have burst forth for you, be grateful, and plan ahead to what your harvest may look like. Remember – your hard work lays the foundation for what you will reap. Above all, revel in the warmth of summer. We have so much to be thankful for. Rejoice.

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