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  Do you feel it? A quickening, a movement, a more rapid pulse? Does life seem to be progressing faster, time slipping through your fingers like sunlight in a moving car? Is it because the days are finally getting longer, sunsets a minute later each day, sunrises finally turning around to begin their push back? […]

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This I Believe

This column is inspired by National Public Radio’s program by the same name. THIS I BELIEVE I believe in rainbows, and the hope and beauty they inspire. They bring forth a sharp inhale and an excited cry – “Look! A rainbow!” They arch across the sky, sometimes ending in an amusing place, like the top […]

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Winter Solstice

WINTER SOLSTICE – RETURNING TO THE LIGHT by Nancy Rivest Green   Winter. For many it’s time for snowplay – watching the kids have a fabulous time frolicking, making snowpeople and sledding, or hitting the slopes and getting out the snowshoes. For others, it’s a time to sigh and reach for the snow shovel. Whatever […]

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Years of AZRA

YEARS OF AZRA From 1998 to 2014, I had the world’s most wonderful, part-time, seasonal job. I worked for Arizona Raft Adventures, a company that takes passengers on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. My job, called orientation hostess, was to meet with the group the evening before their trip to go over pertinent […]

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CUBA – LAND OF EXTREMES   The Cuban people have been proudly trying to make do for decades, and here is a perfect example. At breakfast, they ran out of juice glasses, so when I asked the worker, he handed me a coffee cup. I went back later for coffee, & not surprisingly, they had […]

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