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LAMMAS ON AUGUST 1ST   BY NANCY R. GREEN   By this point in our summer, we have been glorying in the warm temperatures, the luxury of open doors and windows throughout the night, and some monsoon moisture for our parched land and skin. We remember why we choose to live in this place of […]

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Summer Solstice

SUMMER SOLSTICE, THE EPITOME OF EXUBERANCE   Right out my back door, I watched a coyote run, pounce, and devour a hapless rodent. The coyote tossed the last morsel up into the air, caught it, grinned, and ran up the hill. A hawk circled overhead, hoping for leftovers. Two inquisitive deer watched my dog and […]

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Repressed Voice

REPRESSED VOICE   She couldn’t. She had so much to say, but she had no voice of her own. She was such a product of her Depression era, World War II young adulthood, stifling small town New England culture of French Canuck background, that she rarely stated her opinion about anything. Her philosophy came straight […]

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BELTANE, THE BLUSH OF SPRING     In Northern Arizona, it’s not always a foregone conclusion that winter is over even when the calendar says May 1. But – we know that a May storm can not last. The hurts of the past can’t hurt us now. The combination of the ever increasing length of […]

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From a River Journal, #3

    Rapids. There’s sound, that deep roaring pounding, like a low gargle, magnified in intensity by the depth of the canyon and the reverberation between the walls. There’s swiveling of heads as all aboard turn to see what lies ahead. Will it be a merry riffle which picks up the bow of the boat […]

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