Do you feel it? A quickening, a movement, a more rapid pulse? Does life seem to be progressing faster, time slipping through your fingers like sunlight in a moving car? Is it because the days are finally getting longer, sunsets a minute later each day, sunrises finally turning around to begin their push back? As we move toward Candlemas, or Ground Hog Day (which is a silly version of the original sacred pagan celebration) we should feel a seed stirring in the Earth. It’s too early for outer manifestations of spring – we won’t see any wood betony for a while – but it is exactly the right time of the year to pay attention to your inner seeds. What is it that you would like to bring into the light? What changes need to be made? What kinds of seeds do you envision yourself planting? What would you like to harvest later this year? Or later in your life? Which events bring you the kind of joy that bears repeating? Are there new actions which can help you on a higher and better path of consciousness? This is the time for letting the fertile soil of your soul and heart open to the possibility of the new or  that which needs to re-new. Reach deep, pull forth what already lies within you and be ready to watch it bloom.


Nancy R. Green


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