On the Brink of Shards


On the Brink of Shards – by Nancy Rivest Green

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Over-consumptive lifestyle, environmental degradation, overpopulation, drought and changing weather conditions – sounds like headlines ripped from today’s newspapers, doesn’t it? But this story takes place in the ancient lands of the Great American Southwest more than a thousand years ago. Then, that culture teetered on the brink of their civilization’s collapse and disintegration.

One strong young woman, Kaiya, comes forth, led by a powerful and knowledgeable healer. But trouble is brewing in the South, and from the militaristic Toltec culture will come Drok, a Toltec priest who has led his people to the brink of their destruction. Can Kaiya help her once widespread culture before it’s too late? Will outside destructive influences destroy the people? Can the power of love overcome the searing heat of hate?

Follow Kaiya on her journey through loss, magic, knowledge, power and joy, all set in the majestic canyonlands of the Colorado Plateau.

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