In Northern Arizona, it’s not always a foregone conclusion that winter is over even when the calendar says May 1. But – we know that a May storm can not last. The hurts of the past can’t hurt us now. The combination of the ever increasing length of our day and the warming temperatures mean that even a significant snowfall or imagined hurt will melt quickly. Even the most avid winter enthusiasts are ready for a change by the beginning of May. The tiny pink buds bursting forth into blossoms, the vibrant yellow of the forsythia bushes, the cheerful daffodils, tulips and irises poking up bring a sense of delight to eyes weary of grey piles of snow and muddy puddles. The spring winds, as annoying as they can sometimes be, usher in the changing season. You can almost feel the tug between winter and spring in the push of the breeze. People reacquaint themselves with the great outdoors, marveling in the softness of the dirt, the faint signs of new growth – the yellowish sprigs on the junipers, the discovery of a delicate wood betony bloom. The Ancients felt relief for making it through another long winter, and celebration was in the air. The Earth is in a mode of exuberant fertility, and people followed Her lead. Dances around the May Pole and the delivery of May Baskets were primal symbols of fertility. So – in your fertile imagination, what do you see springing forth in your life? What, or whom do you love? Be sure not to get swept away by a passing thought, or passing person. Rather, use this sun-infused time of year to check the path you are on, and make sure it is the right one for you. Bring forth your creative forces- which are right on the surface at this time of year. Honor the Earth by planting something – a garden, a flower, or a thought. Feel the joy and merriment this time of year brings. Come out of your winter hibernation and enter the light. Spring is a time of doing. Own the fullness of life that comes from the most mature part of your being. You are on the Earth right now for a purpose which only you can fulfill. Share your love and light freely as only you can.



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