This I Believe

This column is inspired by National Public Radio’s program by the same name.


I believe in rainbows, and the hope and beauty they inspire. They bring forth a sharp inhale and an excited cry – “Look! A rainbow!” They arch across the sky, sometimes ending in an amusing place, like the top of a trashcan. Other times, they come to rest on an already spectacular butte in the Grand Canyon. I believe in their colorful beauty, but also in their transience. Nothing that vibrant and vivid can remain suspended indefinitely. It fades away, only to reform and thrill us again another time.

I fervently believe in education. Instilled in me at a very young age that I absolutely would go to college – I devoted 28 years of my life to a triple career in education. That’s almost ½ my lifetime. Without education, life is a slog of a struggle, a series of unfulfilling jobs just to pay the rent. But more importantly, without education and that desire for learning, our innate curiosity languishes, people stagnate, or worst of all, become bored with life. Life should be a daring, exciting adventure, not tedium. But without that education to guide and sustain us, people become trapped in the worst of society’s doldrums.

I believe in the recuperative powers of nature. No matter what kind of bitter mood I find myself in – if I can just drag myself outside, my mental fog dissipates, the black mood rises off my tense shoulders. How could there not be delight in discovering fresh bunny tracks in the snow? Or the clearly marked track of an Abert squirrel from tree base to new tree. Or noticing the bark on the ponderosa pines is black from being wet with snow, stark against the backdrop of fresh fluffy snow and deep blue sky. The fresh crisp air, with a faint scent of earthy dirt makes the lungs feel cleansed. I am a better person when I spend time in nature, no matter the season.

I believe in love and peace. Sometimes it’s hard to see these in the painfully insane outer world. So I create them in my own heart, head and life, and try to spread both around in my own small sphere of influence. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness, even when the darkness seems so vast and the light seems so tiny.


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  1. Cousin Linda January 15, 2015 at 7:15 pm #

    So nicely put. You know I often tell people, when I am blue and feel all alone, I take a long walk and it is amazing what it does for you. Thanks once again for sharing your wonderful thoughts. Life is wonderful, being happy and enjoying every minute you can is the key.

    Love ya

  2. N.R.G. January 16, 2015 at 2:47 am #

    I know – this time of the year it’s sometimes tough to get outside. We do a lot of “pavement” walks in the winter instead of “forest” walks because it’s so sloppy. But, yesterday I spent time working on filling the wood racks & did some shoveling, & it was wonderful to feel the crisp air, feel the sunshine, and admire trees shimmering with the recent snowfall. Life is good, and I am truly blessed.
    Love, NRG

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