Autumnal Equinox



It is astonishing how quickly it changes – from plenty of light around 5 AM, to the beginnings of light only showing through around 6:00. How can that be? How can summer, so sweet and lush, be so fleeting? Summer is such a physical season – all about the great outdoors and throwing yourself open to the elements with camping, hiking, biking, river running and kayaking. Doesn’t it seem that the things we desperately want to change are soooooo slow in coming, or never change at all? Yet the things that are so precious seem to come and go so quickly – the long, languid summer days, the profusion of wildflowers, the relationships we treasure, the places we love exactly as we first saw them. We have learned that change is the only constant in life – how ironic is that?! But we have only to observe nature to see the truth about change.   Each of our seasons gives us truly awe-inspiring moments of beauty as change occurs. The first hints of yellow on trees, the brilliant reds of the maples, and the dashes of orange that seem to glow with light from within. Autumn is the crowning achievement of nature’s beauty; Her last fling before the darkness arrives. Within all of us are those bright spots of color. Our monsoon season begins to wind down, bringing us to that season that the Ancient Ones called “After and Before the Lightning.” The cooler temperatures make us think more about collecting firewood than wildflowers. So, as Mother Earth prepares to go within, so should we. Be ready to hear that small, still voice. Think of all the inspiration your soul has garnered from the fullness of summer. Spend time with your inner contemplative self. We need only acknowledge the beauty around us to realize and honor all the beauty within us. What part of you has come to fruition? What part of you has remained in the background during the busy summer that needs to be pulled out and revealed? And, what preparations need to be carefully laid out to ensure a warm and cozy future? Soon we’ll be thrilled to hear the bugling of the elk, the wild cries of the pinyon jays, and watch the passing of the hawks in their yearly migrations. Even tarantulas migrate in the fall. So, take time to move yourself into a better position for your future. It’s not too late to make changes.

Blessed Autumnal Equinox to you.



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