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Darkness. It starts creeping faster into our lives. The mornings are brisk and dark. We hurry home in the evening before the darkness descends, before the animals begin their erratic twilight migration across the highways. Leaves skitter across the path as the autumn winds blow, the trees now starkly naked. We don’t like this imposition […]

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Love of Writing

October 20, 2014 From my librarian mother, I received the gift of reading by age 3. For writing, though – I need to thank my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Flak. Fourth grade really was a magical year for me. By then, I was so far ahead of my peers that I was in my own […]

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Gifts from the Canyon

Shivering in the predawn chill, wind whistling around the top of the North Kaibab Trailhead, we shuffle our feet as we wait for all to assemble before heading down into the depths.  To the north, two bright planets hang just below the moon, which was full only three nights ago. We have been friends for […]

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Unlimited Space

The moon glittered on the rippling surface of the black water. Bobbing in his canoe alone on the endless sea was a young man. Tuwok the fisherman was clad only in khaki cargo shorts and a tie- dyed bandana around his forehead to hold back his blunt cut, medium-length hair.  Suddenly Tuwok dove out of […]

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