About the Author

Nancy Rivest Green was born in Massachusetts.  Her family moved to Phoenix, so Nancy finished high school there, and attended the University of Arizona in Tucson.  She then entered a 28 year teaching career.

Her life changed forever when she discovered the Grand Canyon, living and teaching in Grand Canyon National Park with her ranger husband.  She was an award winning Special Education teacher and school librarian.  Now retired and living on the edge of the Kaibab National Forest outside of Flagstaff, Nancy continues her love affair with nature.  If she’s not hiking, kayaking, bicycling or traveling, she’s reading and spending lots of time on writing.

Three of Nancy’s short stories have been published in the “Northern Arizona Authors Association Collected Works, Volume 2.” (They may also be found here.)

Nancy’s first novel, “On the Brink of Shards” was published in December of 2014. It was awarded second place as Novel of the Year (2016) by the Arizona Authors Association.

Nancy’s second book is “Stalking the Wild Dragonfly: Stories of Experiences in Nature.” This is a non-fiction collection of animal encounter stories from all of her years of living in national parks. Each story contains scientific research about the animal.

Nancy’s very first children’s book, “Rosa Gets it Right!” is produced by Book Services and available online through the Square Peg Bookshop (www.squarepegbookshop.com).


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