Nancy Rivest Green was a reader at age three, and a writer by age nine.  Those two activities have been entwined in her being for as long as she can remember.  Add in her enchantment with nature, beginning from her earliest memories, and she hasn’t really changed much through these many years.

She hopes to delight readers with her writing, taking them into natural places filled with beauty to escape whatever trials are plaguing them right now.  Come along, if you’d like.

Stalking the Wild Dragonfly: Stories of Experiences in Nature

In her new book to be published December 2016, Nancy Rivest Green takes a foray into non-fiction in this, her second book.

Stalking the Wild Dragonfly - Nancy Rivest GreenShe describes her personal encounters with wildlife in nature, and presents scientific research on each creature for greater understanding.  Animal stories have wide appeal, and most people have a few tales of their own to tell.

But Nancy shares a unique perspective drawn from a lifetime of living in national parks with her ranger husband, in addition to her international travels through other world-wide wilderness areas. Come along on these intimate discoveries and reflections immersed in their landscapes. Wilderness is also a character in these stories of top-tier species – some of which are sliding toward the brink of extinction.

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Books are currently available at:
Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, Arizona
Barefoot Cowgirl Books, Flagstaff, Arizona
Amazon – Available online
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Vishnu Temple Press, Flagstaff, Arizona – Available Online
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I can also mail you a copy (postage & packaging fees will apply). Contact me here.

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