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News: BENEFIT CONCERT with Jimmy DeBlois
Purpose: To raise awareness of Multiple Systems Atrophy & fundraise for research!
Date: Nov. 21, 2021  1:00 – 4:00pm
Location: Unity of Flagstaff

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets!  

Can’t make the concert? Click here to donate directly to the MSA Coalition.

An important message from Nancy:

Dear Reader,

I am writing to you inform you that I have to suspend my author career due to health concerns.

I have MSA. Multiple System Atrophy is a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disorder. I have perhaps between one and eight months.  It took me 3 years to write “On the Brink of Shards” and about the same amount of time to write “Stalking the Wild Dragonfly”“Rosa Gets it Right” took a year and a half. I’m not sure how much stamina I will have and how I want to spend my time.  I do regret that I’m leaving behind the partially finished high Arctic adventure novel.

In the beginning I asked, “What have I ever done to deserve this?”, but now I ask what have I ever done to deserve this kindness from so many different people.

Of course, this is just a Western Medicine diagnosis. There’s lots to explore. My motto is, “Never Give Up!” (thanks for that one, Jeannie). I always wanted to die with a boarding pass in my hand. (thanks for that, Sue G.) But I think we will be staying pretty close to home, so come see us.  Rally around Keith. I am on hospice.

Nancy Rivest Green was a reader at age three, and a writer by age nine.  Those two activities have been entwined in her being for as long as she can remember.  Add in her enchantment with nature, beginning from her earliest memories, and she hasn’t really changed much through these many years.


Click to listen to an interview with Paige Poppe, the illustrator of this book.

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Rosa Gets it Right!

Nancy's very first children’s book, “Rosa Gets it Right!” has been published! Join Rosa in this delightful alphabet book for emerging readers. 

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Stalking the Wild Dragonfly - Nancy Rivest Green

Stalking the Wild Dragonfly: Stories of Experiences in Nature

Nancy takes a foray into non-fiction in this, her second book. She describes her personal encounters with wildlife in nature, and presents scientific research on each creature for greater understanding.

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On the Brink of Shards

Arizona Authors Association award-winner! Over-consumptive lifestyle, environmental degradation, overpopulation, drought and changing weather conditions – sounds like headlines ripped from today’s newspapers, doesn’t it?

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Northern Arizona Authors Association Collected Works II

Nancy Rivest Green has three of her short stories published in this book. The stories are also available on this website.

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